These days I am more of a politics junky. These I been paying attention to gaming but more what is going on around the use

I am an Hugh supporter of occupy wall street I think this should of happen an long time ago but it is nice to see them and calling the big banks and there bullshit. This is some story from final fantasy they really took 1.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money gee wonder why we are so pissed. In addition, they want our Medicare medic aide and social security. Gee, I wonder why the congress is at a historically low 9%. Nine% that is ninja bread man numbers and you what is saddest they do not care. They do not work for us at all. They work for the banks and Wall Street real sad panda.

I said on my show the way things are going we are going to live as if a game called infamous. It will be everyman for him self and if there is some food you Cole have the option to share or keep it to your self. Now I do not know about you I do not want to live in that is an horrible existent not the one I want to live in. and if we do live in an fend for our self I say we the people should get an army and take over Disney But that loony and crazy. Now I live in Atlantic city for over 20 years when I my mom did not have an lot of money for food we would go to the food bank yes at an food bank. Hey, we got food. However, the people in congress think doing well for other is not the government job or any one-job show some compassion for your fellow man people.

I try not to pay too much attention to the Republican debate I will save you some time on all of them

republican 1 what would you for health care who needs health care let them die there is the republican plan for healthcare

republican 2 what will you do about the housing market.

I would let the house be foreclosed on and let bottom fall out. Wow what a person.

Republican #3 what you do about education.

Demolish it. You know learning for nerds just ask Disney channel. Why have an education. Look education is in deep trouble but getting rid of the education department will not make things better and private market are here to make money and if they want to privatize education it will be an not that great any way.

Republican question #4 

what would do for making for taxes

two words flat tax? Cutting the income of the rich to 20% wow like the bush tax cuts worked so damn well.

We do not have an government this is why the robots that run things know that the jig is up now we are mad they took so much and it is time for the fat cats to pay more. I am not saying all millionaires and billionaires are bad being rich is part of the American dream but if you make so damn hard the American dream is dead. It is more of an American nightmare. Hey, congress we know you game and yes we came to play. Occupy Wall Street stay strong they will come with everything in your power you got some good people keep strong and kick major ass you now shifted the conversation and it needed some shifting to the left. If you listen fox news you would think the government is bad giving people money when they get or disabled we help people that what we do. We know and we are coming stay strong my sisters and brothers we can win this.