What hit me here is my review of killzone 3.


the story is every-were here is the main problem with this game. Other games like gears of war for example you are Marcus Phoenix or his friend in this game you have no idea who you at any given time who you are to me that is an annoying. However, I will try my best to sum up the story. Ok you are the Isa and you are still on a mission to take down the Helga’s army. During this battle, the helgan army sets sight on your home earth. In addition, the helgan army fakes your captain to give up and retreat. The story is as a shattered mirror it is every-were. At certain points, it gets good then fades quickly and that is sad.


I know people complain there is no color in first person shooters guesses what you get more the same Brown like all the rest of them. The graphics is pretty dale to look at. There is some destructible building but it is not enough. The best part about the graphics is when you get an head shot it looks like it hurt and it is super satisfying to see and headless helgas. The graphics do not stand out in a world of Brown and gray. Even the explosions are not that spectacular and this is sad.


it is a first person shooter and it got move support. I did not try it with a move controller but if you own a Wii, it is like any other Wii game but it is on a ps3. The control is good I feel like I got great control of my gun it feels so natural and that is an awesome thing. Here is the sad part there is no new that you have not seen in other first person shooters. One more thing the melee is super weak sometimes it works sometimes it does not that is pathetic but sadly nothing to really write home about.


the music it is your basic first person shooter track of music. Nothing-special halo had some great music and made that game better. Music does make a game better.


well if you like your generic story that makes no scenes and like being shot were you have no idea then the multi-player is for you. It has the same setup has battlefield with Field medic soldier and so on. But when some one goes down and you get them up and they go down in two seconds what is the point of reviving them and does not add anything
and single player and the multi-player are about the same frustrating mess.

All in all

what shot me! What is that! Were did that come from! If you are like me you will be saying that an lot I feel like you get killed and the game does not do an good job if one at all to tell you are getting shot. Some people say it makes the game easier they got setting I like an game that give me good indication I am getting shot by the time I realize I am taking to much heat I am dead. In addition, the killzone 3 can be super cheap in that way. In addition, you are playing the single player and after a while, you wonder done yet. In addition, when you get to the end you are this frustrated mess that you do not even want to know what the end is and the end is not a great pay off to all that slugging you went though. That goes the same to the multi-player I did not enjoy the multi-player at all I feel like they are other better games you could be playing. The only redeeming thing in the game is this chick name Jammer I wish we got more info on her the game does not focus on one person and makes the Isa struggle seem like they are chickens with there heads cut off. The hellgan army is so massive it seems like on the Isa it is you and 30 dudes but there are far more so it is you and this band of misfits to take out a whole army. I mean master chief you can believe he can take the completely confident. So with all this said it is an ok game and will be lost in the first person shooter sea there are other gems like that far better. Killzone 3 kept things very close no risk but an working game this game should not be on your shelf unless it is 13 dollars but I really do not think it is worth that. There is nothing wrong with the game it is still the same kind of game you seen elsewhere and better and that is sad.